Whirlaway Farm is a homestead farm just outside of Austin, Texas. We are focused on producing organically grown food, natural bath and body care products,  and educational experiences for our community.  


Welcome to "Whirlaway University"!

A century ago in the United States, almost everyone knew how to grow, build, and make things. Produce was local, and there was an astonishing variety of it available. Gardeners and farmers alike saved seed and shared it with friends and neighbors. Food tasted different, because it was different. Things have changed. The art of growing, building, and making things by hand is being lost.

My interest in these lost arts led me to a degree in landscape architecture, but after working in the field for several years, my heart led me to agriculture. I believe in making a difference in this world, and it seems obvious that our connection to the food we eat and the earth we live in is critical and is being largely overlooked by modern culture. I considered a graduate degree in International Agricultural Development, but the thought of being a policy wonk didn’t make my soul sing. I long to learn, live and teach by doing. I want to get my hands dirty. And I believe the most profound and lasting change starts with community. So I scrapped academia to become a farmer, and haven't looked back.

As such, Whirlaway Farm is my dream and self-designed "graduate program"- where I aspire to create sustainable land management systems, incredible organic food, and a wellspring of knowledge to share with my community and beyond.  I currently live in a yurt, embodying the very definition of "living on the land".  I view each day here as another opportunity to make Whirlaway a living, breathing entity, and to share my experiences out here with all the city slickers out there...