Hibernation Cessation

While there's been precious little hibernation this winter, a few things have gone seemingly dormant (primarily, sadly, this blog) superficially. Make no mistake, there has been MUCH activity happening beneath the placid surface. This is fated to be a mostly newsy update about the life & times of Whirlaway, with some announcements along the way.

First- THE GREENHOUSE IS UP AND RUNNING!!!! No big deal, it only took 10 months. It really feels like my baby at this point. Expect to see lots of posts as I journey through aquaponics and generally turn that space into a planty playground!

granite haus

green haus

I got a new goat a few days before Christmas- his name is Django Oreo Eoeo, and he is going to be the proud papa of the kids due in May!

goat fam


Next up, my parter and I got engaged! What this means is a spring wedding next year on the farm, and of course another human living out here next year. I couldn't be happier about this development.


 And then just one big announcement: I am shifting gears a little with the farm this year... Last year I was scrambling to create everything under the sun that can be made with goats milk, just to deal with the seemingly never-ending supply... Except for paint. Maybe this year. But I digress. I made cheese, yogurt, cajeta, and then began to shift into non edibles- soap and lotion. And I am just in love with the products I've been making. After 17 years in the massage and high-end spa industry, I know quality when I see, feel, and smell it. And I've created a few produce that I am positively giddy about!

My goal is to create products aligned with my ethics- a label you can understand, no weird, unpronounceable stuff in there, and no plastic packaging. I hope to grow lots of botanicals this year that can be distilled & used in products. It's going to be a really fun new venture.

So, stay tuned- my amazing web designer/graphic designer is currently working on a new e-commerce website, plus branding for all of these beautiful body care items. I really, really cannot wait to share them with you, and lots of other things that you will be able to purchase online with the click of a button. The year of the goat is shaping up to be a marvelous one!

Spring is coming, and I am full of love and joy and energy. I hope you are too.