What's in my CSA? The (Long overdue) August Edition

Time really flies when you are constantly moving. Seriously. I can't even bring myself to apologize for how behind I am at updating this thing! There are new babies all around- baby pigeons, baby rabbits, baby guineas, and quickly growing baby goats. It's downright dizzying.

And the garden is going completely bonkers. Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes, that is the story of August. In fact, there are some really special tomatoes starting to ripen right now-

These are the weirdest tomatoes ever, tart and sharp tasting, but so beautiful. I would probably eat them raw salted or on a BLT or something of that nature. I think they are lovely.


Blueberry tomatoes- these are a cherry tomato, and on the vine they are positively purple. By the time they get to you they should be a much mellower red, orange, or deep yellow. Also slightly acidic, they are juicy and mild and add a little tiny kick to a caprese salad. I can't stop eating them right off the vine.


Yellow pear tomato- a favorite cherry tomato, sweet and juicy, really just a drop of sugar, and absolutely perfect flavor, devoid of any acid at all.

Everything else should be pretty recognizable. Several varieties of basil are just kicking out the jams, the shiso is large and in charge, and a whole new crop of squash are coming up, which means squash blossoms ahoy!


Peppers are still happening, mores than ever, actually. The Quadrato di Asti are magnificent, small bell peppers, Beaver Dams are shockingly spicy peppers that resemble banana peppers when green. Watch out for the red ones, they have some real bite! The Sigaretta de Bergamo peppers are my favorites this season, tiny sweet peppers that look like they should be spicy but are in fact wonderfully sweet. See previous posts for pics of all of these peppers.

Egg plants are out of control. I've developed an addiction myself. I really can't stop eating them in almost everything. I'll post some recipes soon. I put them into a lot of the frittatas I seem to be living on this summer.

Last but not least- What is that weird green in your share? They are sweet potato leaves. Think spinach but without any oxalic acid. I personally don't know how I lived so long without knowing about these beautiful things. I'm not the only one.  Click here for even more info and recipes.

Not much more to tell, except that some of you will see some duck eggs instead of chicken eggs in your share over the coming weeks- the chickens have slowed down laying in this heat, so I am introducing many of you to this delicious magic.

The farm is hosting a HOG ROAST (I'm just a little excited) at the end of September, to celebrate the end of this hot hot summer, so please consider attending as all of the events here are technically fundraisers, and I am trying to scrape together the money for a secondary structure out here for a live-in intern or farm hand, in addition to a million other projects.

Also, check out the new calendar on this site to keep abreast of events and such.

Cheers, y'all!